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The That means of the Pistol

One would assume a Predator prequel set lots of of years earlier than any of the earlier installments within the franchise would solely characteristic glancing connections to the sooner (technically later) movies. However the brand new film Prey really spotlights an object with direct ties to the different films, and realizing the place that object winds up is essential to getting a deal with on what Prey is doing, and the place the franchise might be going subsequent. (SPOILERS to comply with for Predator 2 and for Prey, considerably clearly.)

The article in query is an outdated flintlock pistol, which turns into an necessary weapon in Prey’s battle between a brand new Predator and a younger Comanche warrior named Naru, who’s the movie’s hero. Whereas Prey takes place in 1719, centuries earlier than Arnold Schwarzenegger first declared that if the Predator bleeds, he might kill it, this pistol has been seen in one of many earlier Predator sequels.

In Predator 2, hard-boiled LAPD cop Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) winds up in a mano-a-mano battle with a Predator within the bowels of the creature’s ship. With some luck and ingenuity, Harrigan manages to kill the Predator with its personal weapon. At that time, an entire crew of Predator creatures seems from the foggy inside of the ship. Whereas the group collects their fallen brother’s physique, their chief tosses Harrigan an vintage flintlock, apparently as a trophy of his kill.

“Take it,” the Predator hisses. Harrigan inspects the gun, which reads “Raphael Adolini, 1715.”

The pistol’s age hinted on the Predator race having an extended historical past of searching on Earth — a dangling plot thread that was principally left unexplored for 30 years (at the very least in Predator films, it’s come up in Predator novels and comics) till Prey got here alongside to inform the story of the alien creature’s first hunt on Earth.

To additional join Prey to these earlier Predator films, the Adolini pistol from Predator 2 is identical one which seems in Prey. Within the new movie, Raphael Adolini himself exhibits up because the translator for a bunch of French fur merchants. The merchants slaughter a pack of buffalo and later seize Naru to make use of her as bait in opposition to the Predator. After the Predator slaughters many of the Frenchmen anyway, the badly wounded Adolini affords Naru his pistol in alternate for drugs for his wounds.

Naru then makes use of the pistol, together with the information she’s gained in her different encounters with the Predator, to defeat the creature.

Sarcastically, whereas the film inserts the Adolini pistol into the early days of the Predator mythology, it doesn’t really clarify how the Predators from Predator 2 wound up with it. The Predator in Prey doesn’t survive to turn out to be one of many aliens we noticed in that movie; Naru kills it in Prey’s remaining scenes. And there are not any different Predators within the film to take the flintlock. It stays unclear how the pistol went from Naru again to the Predators in order that they may then give it to Harrigan centuries later.

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What Prey does indicate is that this pistol is extra than simply some random object. The truth that it wound up in arms of the so-called “Elder Predator” from Predator 2 after it ends this film in Naru’s possession must be both the best coincidence in historical past, or it means the Predators got here to consider that the Adolini pistol was a particularly invaluable and necessary weapon as a result of it was used to kill one in every of their very own, and thus they tracked it down and deliberately reacquired it. Which, given the peculiar ethical code of the Predators and their love of searching, would make a specific amount of sense.

Maybe extra importantly, it might give a Prey sequel a ready-made premise. Prey’s animated closing credit strongly trace at precisely that, with Naru’s tribe watching as a number of Predator ships arrive on Earth, prepared for one more hunt.

Prey is now accessible on Hulu.

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